Terminaux de normandie - Our History


Foundation of the first company of the Group, "Maison Paul Perrigault ", created in 1945 by Mr Paul Perrigault. The beginning of our family adventure began with a first truck. It was an event, the first symbol and birth certificate of the trucking company.


Diversification of the company with the launch of a freight transit company, of which the canned-cotton-rice-beans made up a large part of the freights transported.


M. P. Perrigault built 5,000m2 of stocks at Quai de Saône due to the amplification of storage needs.


The act of consecration came at the signing of the contract with the Citrus Board of South Africa for the transit of 40,000 tons of citrus fruits.


Our company took possession of the stores and the offices of the company CHARLES which engendered an increase of the storage capacity of the group of 7 000m2. Hangar 78 - Storage of citrus fruits from South Africa.


Establishment of the family company at 32 rue de Colmar 76600 Le Havre. The "historic" headquarters of the TN remains at this address.


Our Company was trading citrus fruits and early fruits from Morocco, the United-States and other countries.


With 400,000 tons of transit handled annually, it was the main activity of the company, becoming 4th in importance in the port of Le Havre and employing an average of 380 workers and employees daily.


Death of Paul Perrigault founder of the family group created in 1945. Charismatic personage, he has marked the Port and the city of Le Havre of his imprints. He was also president of the HAC (Havre Athletic Club) football from 1949 to 1956. He developed the family business until 1970 when he passed away.


General view of the quay and its infrastructures specialized in receiving fruits.


Management of heavy cargos using the Bigue (lifting capacity 650 tons).


Beginning of the operation of a public container terminal by M. P. Perrigault at Bougainville quay on Port du Havre (3 operators on the same quay: MPP, SHMP, SOMABA).


Investment in the first private container terminal in France: the Normandie Terminal on the Port du Havre called "fast port in tidal basin" for ships of 8 000 TEU. The quays at this terminal, Quay of Asia and Quay of Osaka, had a docking capacity of 1075 meters dredged with a draft of 14 meters. The area of this Terminal was 40 Hectares.


Association with SAGA Group (Bolloré), owner of SOMABA, for the joint exploitation of the Terminal de Normandie and the Terminal de l'Océan. This resulted in a takeover by TN of SOMABA and a sale to SAGA Group of the Transit branch of MPP.


Establishment of monthly salary payments for the dockworkers in the company Dockers de Normandie (DN). Historically the longshoremen had to report to the Central Manpower Office (BCMO) for the hiring of the day on the various port terminals of Le Havre.


TN has shown his interest as a future investor-operator during public debates in view of the creation of Port 2000.


Signature of the partnership agreement between the Mediterranean Shipping Company and Terminaux de Normandie, headed respectively by Mr Gianluigi Aponte and Mr Jean Bekaert. This partnership gives birth to the company TNMSC and make possible to establish the Hub of MSC in Le Havre, firstly at the Terminal of Bougainville.


Creation of SMR, a subsidiary of the TN specializing in the handling of vehicle carriers, PCTC carriers and ferries. SMR concentrates more than 50% of the RO-RO activities in Le Havre.


The Perrigault Group is partnering at 50/50 with the MAERSK Group and at 50/50 with the MSC Group for the investment and operation of two private container terminals on Port 2000 and thus responds to calls for tenders.


Work begins as part of the creation of Port 2000. This ambitious project, developed in several phases, aims to create a vast port domain dedicated to containers. One of the objectives of this project is to allow the reception of the largest container ships in the world.


Construction of the Port 2000 quay wall with for final objective to create 12 berths reaching 4.2 km of quays.


Completion of Phase 1 of Port 2000 project.


Arrivals from 4 ZPMC gantry cranes from Asia on behalf of the future TPO's terminal on Port 2000.


Launch of the Port Océane terminal (TPO) on Port 2000 with 700 meters of platform and ZPMC gantry cranes last generation with 42.5 meters high (under spreader).


Visit of the Digue of Port 2000 of a length of 3.5km which is part of the colossal dockyard of Port 2000, in the presence of Mr Maurizio Aponte and Mr Jean Bekaert.


Works are under way to build the TNMSC's terminal. This terminal is scheduled to open in 2012.


Movement of the ZPMC double trolley gantries to the new TNMSC's terminal at Port 2000.


Opening of the terminal TNMSC on Port 2000. This terminal has up-to-date equipment with double trolley cranes and an installed capacity of 1.500.000 TEU.


Completions of the works on TNMSC's terminal. This terminal has a lenght of quay of 1 400 meters and can accommodate the newest generation of container ships, Ultra Large Container Ship (ULCS).


Entry of the Maersk Magleby in Port 2000. First stop of a ULCS in Le Havre. This giant of the seas, 399 meters long and 59 meters wide, has been handled within our terminal TPO.


Aerial view of the harbor of Le Havre, in the foreground the Digue of Port 2000 and in the background our two container terminals, TNMSC and TPO.


Ceremony along the TNMSC quay in honor of the MSC SVEVA baptism. This mastodon is actually one of the largest container ships in the world. Length of 399.4 meters and wide of 59 meters, for a maximum draft of 16 meters it offers a capacity of 19 224 TEU.


After the extension in 2018 of the historic partnership between the Perrigault Family and the MSC group on the TN MSC Terminal at the Porte Océane Terminal, Terminal Investment Limited has become the sole shareholder of TNMSC & TPO since December 2021. TiL thus confirms the strategic positioning of Le Havre as a gateway and long-term transhipment hub for MSC on the North European continent.