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Who we are

Ateliers de Normandie and Portiques de Normandie Assistance ensure, with around 90 employees, a wide range of services on all equipment of TN's terminals.

These entities are strongly supporting the Group on technical side and are dedicated to the terminals 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, with the aim of maximizing the availability of equipment - including the maintenance of 11 ship-to-shore cranes – for operating teams.

Ateliers de Normandie and Portiques de Normandie Assistance intervene in the following sectors:

› Assisting operation and reparation on terminals

› Preventive and corrective maintenance of equipment and infrastructure

› Spare parts and new equipment purchases

› Fleet Management

with an expertise in the areas of

› Mechanical port

› Automation and electrical lifting

› Hydraulic

› Boiler

For more than 20 years

› Scheduling and archiving of works (18 000 intervention' cards / year)

› Management of spare parts stock (approximately 10 500 references in stock) are performed by our CMMS system (Management of Computerized Maintenance)

AN intervenes in reparation and preventive / curative maintenance on solid ground / building infrastructures and on strong current and weak current networks, lighting masts and so on.

AN and PNA also have engineering cells that accompanied the development of the Group's tools for thirty years and have maintained them at the highest standards of the profession, which enables us to have the largest and most powerful gantry cranes of the port of Le Havre.

Within the Group, there is a process of continuous improvement resulting from an efficient communication between AN, PNA and operators of the tools and equipment concerned, with the aim of optimizing their operation and improving their reliability and safety.