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The Company

The connection to Le Havre and Rouen via the Seine, to Europe by rail, motorway and river/sea transport make Paris Terminal a special link between the Paris Area and the world.

The combination of all the activities required by combined transport Paris Terminal enables their customers to find real tailor made solutions and noticeably cut logistic costs at the same time. Paris Terminal's commitment to the development of the river and rail modes of transportation in the Paris Area is based on high quality services, on competitive tariffs and the opening up to all operators as a result of a total independence in management.

Bolstered up by the trust shipping lines and combined transport operators put into the company, Paris Terminal is investing in the main Gennevilliers site and the Bonneuil sur Marne site.

River, rail and road terminal

The Paris Terminal SA facilities are the hub for the river container transport in the Paris Area. They offer large capacities for a safe storage and an interchange platform connected to AP+, the electronic desk of the ports of Le Havre and Rouen ensuring automatic, safe and optimum processes between all operators of the Port's total supply chain. The partnership with the customs authorities, the connection on the terminal between the rail and river modes of transportation, the real time EDI exchanges with the shippers, the GPS localisation of containers on the platforms, the high quality equipment and the capacity to handle considerable flows guarantee a high dependability and provide a large range of logistic tools for container traffics. Paris Terminal contributes to the 'just in time' requirement of the supply chain.

Paris Terminal:
solutions for the future

The activity of Paris Terminal opens up a lot of interesting opportunities and offers a suitable reply to :

› The market demands and the globalisation of trade exchanges: contributes to the profitability, reactivity and efficiency of combined transportation.

› The mobility and saturation problems of road infrastructure: solutions of four-mode transportation: river, rail, road or sea.

› The problems of energy savings and sustained development: promoted by river and rail transportation.

River transportation
for sustained development

From an economic point of view, inland waterway and river terminals are more interesting than road. River transportation helps limit the use of road transportation for the access to warehouses, get around the increasing shortage in trucks and contribute to a lower road traffic congestion.

Last, inland waterway protects environment insofar as it reduces road transportation and arranges at river stop over premises for container storage close to the shippers' warehouses.

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